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  • Currently obtaining accreditation as a casualty actuary – holds standing in five Casualty Actuarial Society parts.
  • M.Sc., Mathematical Finance, University of Alberta, Canada, 1998.
  • B.HSc., Double Honors: Actuarial Mathematics and Economics, University of Manitoba, Canada, 1994.
  • B.Sc., General Degree, University of Manitoba, areas of specialization: Mathematics and Computer Science, Manitoba, Canada, 1990.

Manager of Actuarial and Program Readiness, Agriculture Financial Services Corporation, Lacombe, Alberta (1997 to Present).
  • Responsible for supervising a fourteen member team responsible for the provision of actuarial and analytical services for AFSC’s insurance programs as well as for coordinating the development and implementation of new insurance programs and enhancements to existing programs with both IT and operations.
  • Lead negotiator representing Alberta for Growing Forward Framework agreement negotiations which will govern all federal funding for Canada’s Agricultural Insurance Programs from 2008-2012
  • Leader of project team responsible for the periodic review and re-certification of AFSC’s Actuarial Methodologies including: rate setting, probable yield determination and self-sustainability for the last three reviews (1998, 2003 and 2007).
  • Responsible for annual federal–provincial cost sharing negotiations (1999-present).
  • Participated in creating a report of restated experience which lead private reinsurers to drop quoted reinsurance premiums by $5 million per year (1997-1998) and a study regarding the frequency of catastrophes which lead to a premium reduction of $3 million per year (2004)
  • Key participant in policy and design decisions for Crop Insurance, Pasture Satellite Imagery Insurance, Pasture Moisture Deficiency Insurance, Hail Endorsement, Straight Hail Insurance, Spring Price Endorsement, Corn Heat Unit Insurance, Barley Proxy Insurance, Cereal Silage Lack of Moisture Insurance and Cattle Price Insurance (1998-present).
  • Lead studies resulting in several program changes including: catastrophic benefit funding, catastrophic down weighting, coverage for crops with distinct end uses including organic, industrial, identity preserve and hybrid seed, and individualized coverage for crops with persistently insufficient data, farm size discount, continuous participation discount and insured acres discount (1998-present).

  • International Experience- Actuarial Team Lead (July 1999- Present)
    • Developed actuarial and data management models and data reporting requirements for the Chilean crop insurance program. Designed a workable reseeding and unseeded acreage benefit for the Chilean context.
    • Provided recommendations for actuarial methods for potential crop insurance products to delegations from China, Korea and former Soviet Union
    • Participated in the design, developed an actuarially sound rating methodology, and provided a costing analysis for a public sector reinsurance product in support of Mongolia’s indexed Livestock mortality program.
    • Reviewed the operational framework, administrative methods and underwriting and actuarial methodologies associated with India’s area based production insurance program (NAIS). This review included the development of an actuarially sound rating methodology for NAIS, recommendations for a new data management model, coverage setting methodology and the development of several new benefits including reseeding, unseeded and mid-harvest damage

    Lecturer, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta (1996-1997).
    • Taught Introduction to Mathematical Finance, Calculus and Statistics

    Internship – Actuarial Student; Department of Asset and Liability Management, Great-West Life Assurance Company, Winnipeg, Manitoba (1993).
    • Performed an expense study leading to the update of asset expense factors.
    • Developed and aided in the implementation of a reinvestment schedule for Participatory Insurance’s.
    • Created policy target and asset composition schedules.

    Research Assistant, Department of Business Administration, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba (1992-1995).
    • Independently conducted experimental labs in Game Theory.
    • Assisted with experimental design process and the statistical analysis of data.
    • Provided network support for specialized experimental software.

    • Over a decade of experience designing and developing actuarial methods relating to AFSC’s agricultural insurance programs including rate making, underwriting and business planning and forecasting,
    • Experienced with portfolio risk management including value for money pricing and other modeling in support of AFSC’s reinsurance program as well as the negotiation of reinsurance contract terms.
    • Expert in all stages in the development of agricultural risk management programs including : consultation\issue identification, concept generation and evaluation, design, impact analysis, rating, approvals and facilitating IT and Operational implementation
    • Excellent presentation skills; experienced with communicating technical concepts to agricultural producers or other non-technical audiences


    Goals for the Institute

    Developing Countries:
    To develop sustainable agricultural risk management programs for developing countries that result in economic stability and new sources of “risk capital” for their agriculture sectors.

    Developed Countries:
    To provide a training, succession planning, and “analytical research capability” environment for developed country governments and private companies engaged or expanding their work in agricultural risk management.

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