Thomas Ross Crozier

5452 58 A St Crescent
Lacombe, Alberta
T4L 1L7
Home: 1-403-782-7243
Work: 1-403-782-8251
Cell: 1-403-341-9348

Educational Background:
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Guelph University, 1976 (Agricultural Economics)
  • Master of Science in Agricultural Economics, University of Alberta, 1978 (Majoring in Econometrics, Minor International Trade)
  • Various management, supervisory development training programs

  • March 1, 2008 to present – working on contract as Senior Program Advisor, AFSC
  • 1997-February 29 2008 Senior Program Manager, Research and Program Development, AFSC

The position managed and provided direction to small team (17) of professionals. Focus was on:
  • Undertaking stakeholder consultations on agricultural risk management programming in Alberta; identifying programming shortfalls, researching, testing and presenting potential solutions, gauging interest; designing programs, and developing actuarially sound premium rates and implementing programming improvements.
  • Maintaining actuarial integrity of insurance programs offered by AFSC,
  • Giving direction to data management processes within the Corporation,
  • Representing the interests of the province of Alberta on federal-provincial working groups and in national policy development
  • Managing Corporate Risk Management needs

  • 1988-1996 Assistant General Manager, Crop Insurance and Stabilization Branch, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food

The position managed and provided direction to small team (8) of professionals:
  • Stakeholder consultations and research and development of insurance and price stabilization programs
  • Reporting and providing advise to the Board of Directors
  • Represent the province on federal-provincial working groups, and national policy development

  • 1979-1987 Senior Policy Advisor, Economic and Policy Analysis, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Provided advice on program and policy development on risk management programming

  • Directed fundamental change in Alberta’s crop insurance yield coverage methodology, successfully implemented in 2008,
  • Have undertaken extensive work on designing/developing a Whole Farm Margin program for farmers that has numerous merits compared to existing programming (simpler/easier to understand, more dependable/bankable, capable of making more timely payments, better encourages best management practices, costs less to deliver),
  • Have undertaken extensive work in developing price/revenue insurance based programs (Spring Price Endorsement, Market Revenue Insurance, Revenue Insurance Coverage, Cattle Price Insurance),
  • Have overseen or been responsible for over 100 risk management program improvements in Alberta. In particular:
  • Numerous improvements to pasture insurance programs
  • Development and implementation of revenue insurance programs (in Ontario and Alberta)
  • Extensive work on weather derivatives and expansion of the weather station network in Alberta

  • Have participated in risk management projects in other jurisdictions. Examples:
  • Ukraine – provided technical advice on various approaches to program design, delivery, and organizational structure
  • Yukon – design and budgeting of a whole farm income program and potential development of insurance programs for hay
  • Have developed an extensive knowledge and “hands on” understanding of critical aspects of design and delivery of risk management programming.
  • Good ability to make clear and concise presentations on complex issues and target presentation to the audience.

  • Microsoft (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Excellent communication (oral and written), interpersonal, team skills.
  • Excellent understanding of agricultural risk (types, causes, nature of, modeling)
  • Extensive experience designing and developing risk management programs, particularly insurance programs.


Goals for the Institute

Developing Countries:
To develop sustainable agricultural risk management programs for developing countries that result in economic stability and new sources of “risk capital” for their agriculture sectors.

Developed Countries:
To provide a training, succession planning, and “analytical research capability” environment for developed country governments and private companies engaged or expanding their work in agricultural risk management.

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