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  • Government: solid relationships with North Dakota Congressional Delegation and North Dakota Department of Agriculture. Solid understanding of state and federal laws that affect the agricultural industry. Executive Administrator for North Dakota Barley Council (North Dakota is the largest barley producing state in the U. S. A.).
  • Farm Management: former farm management specialist with NDSU Extension Agricultural Economics department. Developed educational programs for farmers in crop enterprise selection and economic analysis. Developed computerized crop budget generator for cost of production analysis.
  • Agribusiness Administration: over 15 years experience in agricultural production, processing, marketing, and financial review, both domestically and internationally. Have supervised staff, prepared budgets, monitored inventory. Served as vice president of general operations at Minn-Dak Growers Ltd., one of the largest specialty crop companies in North Dakota.
  • Communication: Solid written and oral communication skills are proven and documented. Developed business plans, technical publications, and refereed journal articles. Delivered numerous presentations to farmers, lenders, researchers, government officials, and agribusiness executives.
  • Information Technology: experienced in software development for crop enterprise analysis, business planning and budgeting, crop physiology modeling, and soil test analysis and recommendations.
  • Sales and Marketing: developed promotion and marketing plans for buckwheat, mustard, confection sunflowers, and other North Dakota specialty crops. Experienced in developing customer relations, both domestically and internationally. Developed educational programs for customers on crop production and utilization. Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • International: over 15 years experience in international relations, especially in Japan.
  • Research: coordinated and executed integrated research programs at the production, processing, and marketing levels. Comfortable working with plant breeders, food scientists, agricultural economists, animal scientists, and administrators.
  • Crop Production: provided agronomic and economic recommendations to large scale farming operations and agribusinesses covering major and minor commodities.
  • Education: Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degrees in Agriculture from North Dakota State University in Fargo. Balanced foundation of skills in agricultural economics, crop & soil science, agricultural processing technology & mechanization.

North Dakota Barley Council, Fargo, North Dakota
  • Title: Executive Administrator
  • Period: April 2004 – present
  • Responsibilties: provide leadership to foster the utilization of barley for the benefit of barley producers in the largest barley producing state in the nation. Report to a 5 member board of directors. Responsibilities include:
  • Financial: developed customized accounting software to manage barley assessments. Develop report extraction, data cleansing procedures, and report formats for presentation of accounting data to directors.
  • Strategic Planning: provide leadership in developing and executing results oriented programs in bioenergy, crop insurance, farm policy, crop management, market development, livestock, and human food. Research and education are key components in each strategic initiative.
  • Government: provide written report (bienniel) to the North Dakota legislature documenting activities, revenues, and expenditures of Council programs.
  • Marketing: liaison to U. S. Grains Council in Washington DC. Participate in educational programs that promote barley utilization in international markets (Japan, Taiwan, and southeast Asia). Provide market intelligence information to international customers to assist in securing sales of barley to international markets.
  • National Orgnanizations: serve as secretary – treasurer of National Barley Growers Association.

Watts and Associates, Billings, Montana
  • Title: Associate, Underwriting Department
  • Period: February 2004 – present
  • Responsibilities:
  • Underwriting: Development of underwriting guidelines for crop insurance products that are designed and/or modified under contract with USDA Risk Management Agency.
  • Crops: Provided assistance in developing underwriting guides for cherries, Christmas trees, dry peas, lentils, maple syrup trees, strawberries, sugar beets, and sweet potatoes
  • Funding: Coordinated effort that secured over $100,000 in funding from commodity groups to assist in amending federal legislation to enhance crop insurance.
  • Assistance: Provide assistance in project coordination and business development.

Minn-Dak Growers Ltd, Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • Title: Vice President - General Operations
  • Period: June 2002 – January 2004
  • Responsibilities: Provide direct assistance to the company president in each of the following areas as requested:
  • Strategic planning: work with customers to develop near term and long range business plans for targeted specialty crop products.
  • Grower services: developing grower contracting plans and assist growers in crop management issues.
  • Marketing & sales: assist in developing education and promotion strategies for buckwheat products and mustard ingredients.
  • Research & development: provide support to the R & D director in project prioritization, budget development, and proposal review.
  • Administration: assist the company president in general administration issues regarding grower services, human resources, sales management, finance, and accounting.

Kings Inc., Carrington, North Dakota
  • Title: Contracts (Production) Manager
  • Period: January 1, 2002 to May 31, 2002
  • Responsibilities. Development of:
  • Newsletters and other direct communications to contract growers of high oleic oil sunflowers.
  • Computer models to estimate crop stage, biomass production, oil yield, and product cost.
  • Knowledge base of oilseed breeding programs to integrate proper genetics with utilization in targeted markets (i. e. industrial oils, pharmaceutical oils, etc.).
  • Educational programs to farmers and customers to secure reliable crop production contracts.
  • Logistical procedures for storage and delivery of high oleic sunflower seeds to storage sites and toll processing locations.

  • Title: Commercial Manager
  • Period: February 1, 2001 - December 31, 2001
  • Responsibilities:
  • Develop marketing plans and feasibility studies for identity preserved crop production contracting programs for oilseeds targeted to industrial and pharmaceutical utilization. Oilseeds include but are not limited to crambe, flax, borage, and high oleic oil sunflowers.
  • Identify companies that source ingredients from crops that have inherent problems in the supply chain, and assist in developing an appropriate supply chain management plan to service the unique needs of the customer.

  • Kings is a division of Associated British Foods, a company headquartered in England.

Minn-Dak Growers Ltd., Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • Position advancement timeline
  • Crop Management Specialist: January 1989 through June 1996 (Dickinson operation)
  • Station Manager, Dickinson operation, June 1990 through June 1996
  • Director, Research & Development: Grand Forks operation, July 1996 through February 2001
  • Director, Information Technology (also R & D director): June 1998 - February 2001
Tenure at Minn-Dak involved direct responsibility in the following areas:
  • Crop Production
  • Specialty Crops: Conducted plot research on buckwheat, safflower, mustard, sunflowers, crambe, coriander, peas, lentils, and other specialty crops.
  • Computer Models: collected data and developed growing degree day models (both quantitative and qualitative) for determining crop development stages in spring wheat, barley, buckwheat, mustard, safflower, sunflower, and coriander. Models assisted in timing field operations (i. e. spraying, harvesting, and field inspection).
  • Rotations: Developed agronomically sound crop rotations that include specialty crops.
  • Crop Management: Conducted replicated plot trials on fertilizer utilization, planting studies, rotation effects, and weed control. Successfully secured Section 18 crisis exemption for application of Poast herbicide on buckwheat.
  • Cornell University: Coordinated research at Cornell University which focused on genetic and physiological factors that affect seed set and yield in buckwheat.
  • Crop Insurance: Provided educational seminars to crop insurance professionals on specialty crop development, yield evaluation, and loss assessment.
  • Crop Economics
  • Crop Budgets: Conducted annual cost of production analysis for specialty crops to assist Minn-Dak in determining crop contract prices.
  • Crop Budget Generator: Developed computerized crop budget generator to assist growers in enterprise cost analysis.
  • Grower Education
  • Seminars: Conducted numerous seminars (grower meetings, plot tours) to provide contract growers with the latest information on specialty crop production.
  • Publications: Developed numerous technical publications for use by growers in crop production planning and decision making.
  • Laboratory Operations and Quality Assurance
  • Software: Developed customized computer software for laboratory information management system (LIMS) for summarizing and presenting Certificates of Analyses (COA's) for customer ingredient purchases. Ingredients included ground mustard, mustard flour, and buckwheat flour.
  • NIR Technology: Directed development of using NIR technology to determine protein content in ground mustard, mustard flour, and buckwheat flour. Collected data, developed regression equations, and developed formal technical publication that is proprietary to Minn-Dak.
  • Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical
  • Medical: Coordinated research at Cornell University targeted to pharmaceutical applications of buckwheat ingredients for type II diabetes management. Assisted in patent procurement, clinical trial development, and publication of data.
  • Promotion: Coordinated marketing of buckwheat ingredient technology to targeted companies specializing in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.
  • Food Ingredients
  • Utilization: Developed research protocols and summary reports for application and utilization of buckwheat flour in bread, pasta, and puffed snack products.
  • Publications: Developed technical publications to assist Minn-Dak staff and customers in specific food ingredient application issues.
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Trade Shows: Exhibited Minn-Dak ingredients at domestic and international food ingredient trade shows.
  • Market Research: Conducted market research on buckwheat, mustard, and other specialty crops to determine product usage, competitor profiles, and new product development opportunities. Results of studies were published as internal (corporate) technical reports.
  • Education: Conducted educational seminars for distributors, brokers, and targeted customers on buckwheat and mustard ingredient applications.
  • Internet: developed web site ( to promote Minn-Dak on the internet.
  • Brochure: Developed brochure to promote Minn-Dak ingredients.
  • News Releases: Developed news releases and other written materials to promote applications of Minn-Dak food ingredients.
  • Crop Position Management: Provide information on crop condition to merchandisers to assist in position management.
  • Food Aid: Implemented sales program to sell buckwheat ingredients to USDA food aid program, resulting in the sale of over 5000 metric tons of buckwheat products.
  • Computerized Information Management
  • Inventory Software: Developed user friendly computer software to assist in inventory reconciliation and analysis for Dickinson processing operation.
  • Crop Assessment: Developed computerized format for assessing crop condition for contract growers.
  • Hardware: Coordinated Y2K compliance (hardware and software).
  • Accounting: Developed accounting software for tracking R & D department operational costs.
  • GENESIS: Developed framework and software modules for GENESIS system to customize information management for grower contracting, customer sales contracts, inventory management, and grower delivery settlement.
  • Administration, Management, and Business Development
  • Grantsmanship: Developed proposals which secured over $150,000.00 in grant funds for research.
  • Customer Support: Worked closely with Japanese customers in evaluation of buckwheat crop condition for sales support.
  • Support: Provided administrative support to CEO on customer relations and strategic planning.
  • Planning: Prepared annual budget and plan of work for research projects.
  • Conference: Developed first conference in North Dakota for integrated buckwheat research in 1994. Conference involved Canada, Japan, and the United States.
  • Business Development: Developed business plan for Kade Research Ltd., a Canadian based buckwheat breeding company funded by Minn-Dak Growers Ltd., Agricore (Canada), Toyota Tsusho Corporation (Japan), and the Japan Buckwheat Millers Association (JBMA).
  • Served as chair of management team for Kade Research Ltd.
  • Asset Valuation: Developed asset summary portfolio for implementation of ESOP at Minn-Dak. Provided assistance in valuation of physical and intellectual property assets.
  • Technical Writing: Provided assistance to CEO in writing and editing various business documents.
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Software: Assisted in selection and implementation of accounting software and hardware.
  • Statements: Skilled in development of financial statement and profit/loss statement.
  • Balance Sheet: Skilled in balance sheet ratio analysis.
  • Accounting: Solid understanding of basic accounting principles and standards.
  • Direction: Provided direction to accounting staff in financial information system development.
  • Personnel and Human Resources
  • Staff Management: Supervised 3 employees during day to day operations at Dickinson facility.
  • Recruitment: Developed job descriptions and conducted interviews during recruitment of new employees (both professional and non-professional).

NDSU Extension Service, Fargo, North Dakota
  • Title: Extension Associate in Farm Management
  • Period: September 1987 – January 1989
  • Responsibilities:
  • MEY: Acquisition and analysis of Maximum Economic Yield (MEY) spring wheat club data.
  • Software: Developed computerized farm management decision aid software for crop budgeting and enterprise selection.
  • Seminars: Conducted educational seminars on computer applications in farm management.
  • Title: Extension Assistant in Farm Management
  • Period: March 1987 – September 1987
  • Responsibilities:
  • Crop Budget Generator: Designed first personal computer based crop budget generator for various crops grown in North Dakota.
  • Software Manual: Designed and wrote computer users manual to accompany budget generator.

NDSU Extension Service, Wahpeton, North Dakota
  • Title: Assistant Richland County Agent
  • Period: November 1985 - February 1987
  • Reponsibilities:
  • Education: Conducted educational programs in crop and livestock production.
  • Farm Management: Assisted farmers with crop production and farm management related decisions.
  • 4-H: Worked with 4-H leaders and youth education.

  • Location: Raised on an 800 acre farm near Carrington, North Dakota.
  • Selection: Coordinated crop enterprise selection for wheat, barley, flax, sunflowers, and other crops.
  • Business Planning: Developed and negotiated annual operating loan with agricultural lender.
  • Research: Conducted specialty crop research for Minn-Dak on my own farm.
  • Mechanization: Familiar with maintenance and operation of farm machinery.

  • Crop Science
  • 5th Annual New Crops Symposium, Atlanta, GA - 2001. Invited speaker.
  • 5th International Safflower Symposium, Williston, ND - 2001.
  • VII International Symposium on Buckwheat, Winnipeg, Manitoba - 1998.
  • North American Safflower Conference (1993 – Billings, 1996 – Great Falls).
  • 3rd National New Crops Symposium, Indianapolis, IN - 1995. Invited speaker.
  • VI International Symposium on Buckwheat, Nagano, Japan - 1995 (presented a paper on computer simulation modeling of buckwheat).
  • American Society of Agronomy National Convention: 1989, 1993, 1994.
  • Second National New Crops Symposium: 1991.
  • American Society of Agronomy North Central Region Convention: 1991.
  • National Sustainable Agriculture Symposium: 1990.
  • Food Science & Utilization
  • USAID Annual Conference, 2003.
  • Institute of Food Technologists Convention: 1992, 1998, 2001.
  • Nutraceuticals Application Conference: 1997.
  • American Association of Cereal Chemists Convention: 1998.
  • Human Resources and Administration
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey Management Seminar): 1998.
  • Graduate of Dale Carnegie Course (effective communications): 1991.
  • Barley Research
  • Science of Barley in Beer, Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 2007.
  • National Barley Improvement Committee, San Diego, CA, January 2007.
  • North American Barley Research Workshop, Red Deer, AB, July 2005.
  • National Barley Improvement Committee, Charleston, SC, January 2005.
  • Barley and Malt Short Course, Northern Crops Institute, September 2004.

  • Continuing Education
  • Pursue Ph. D. in one of the following areas:
  • Application of information management technology in agribusiness supply chain management.
  • Determining value and commercial potential for intellectual property.
  • Development of practical crop modeling systems for contractors of specialty agricultural products.
  • Business Development
  • Finance: Develop novel financial services packages for the agribusiness community.
  • Crop modeling: develop a crop modeling consulting service targeted to agricultural processors, producers, crop insurance professionals, lenders, and input suppliers.
  • Management
  • Leadership: Achieve senior level management position (General Manager, CEO, or COO) in private or public sector organization.
  • University and Government
  • Teaching: utilize my diverse background to teach agri-business and/or crop production.
  • Development: Assist entrepeneurs in business plan development.
  • Markets: Expand opportunities for Identity Preserved (IP) crops.
  • Human Resources
  • Develop innovative programs in employee recruitment, retention, and human resource management.

  • Client: NDSU Hettinger Research - Extension Center, Hettinger, North Dakota
  • Client Category: crop & livestock research and outreach center.
  • Period: Served as head facilitator for research visioning task force (1996 - 1998).
  • Project: Assisted staff and community leaders in prioritization of research issues.
  • Result: implemented a research advisory board for the Center.
  • Client: BASF Corporation, Triangle Park, North Carolina
  • Client Category: agricultural business specializing in herbicides.
  • Period: August 1995 – July 1997.
  • Project: Assisted BASF in developing a quality assurance division targeted to minimizing complaints associated with herbicide application.
  • Results: Developed framework for using computerized crop development stage models to support staff (both in-field and complaint management) in preventing misapplication of herbicides in corn, spring wheat, and barley. Cost savings to BASF of $2 million dollars annually.
  • Client: Ag. Soil Science, Minot, North Dakota
  • Client Type: soil testing laboratory and crop consulting firm.
  • Period: September 1987 – present.
  • Project: Streamline soil fertility laboratory data for customer service enhancement.
  • Results: Developed software to analyse soil test results and prepare fertilizer recommendations for their customers for numerous crops raised in the northern plains states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana.
  • Client: Sandoz Crop Protection Corporation, Des Plaines, Illinois
  • Client Type: agricultural business specializing in herbicides.
  • Period: September 1992 – July 1995.
  • Project: work with field staff to develop educational program for proper timing of Banvel herbicide application:
  • Results: the results of this project include:
  • Developed computer simulation model for estimating leaf stages of spring wheat and barley for proper timing of application for Banvel herbicide. Sandoz was the first company in the U. S. to employ this application of technology.
  • Developed educational program to train field representatives on use of software.
  • Developed computer users manual to accompany software.
  • Promoted software utilization of National Association of Wheat Growers convention in 1993 and 1994 with Sandoz personnel.
  • Client: NDSU Extension Service, Fargo, North Dakota
  • Client Type: agricultural extension service.
  • Period: January 1990 – June 1991
  • Project: Develop farm management software to estimate production costs of crops produced in North Dakota.
  • Results: The following software was developed.
  • Crop Cost: A budget generator to assist producers in building crop budgets reflective of actual variable and fixed production costs.
  • Machine Cost: A cost generator for delineating variable and fixed costs associated with field operations.
  • Users Manuals: developed comprehesive users manuals for both programs..

  • Software Development
  • Lotus 1-2-3: Extensive experience in design and development of user friendly, menu driven spreadsheet applications (both DOS and Windows).
  • Baler: spreadsheet compilation software for Lotus 1-2-3 templates.
  • BASIC: working knowledge of language (minimal use).
  • Operating Systems and Network Administration
  • Windows - 95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP (IBM and compatible systems).
  • Familiar with administration of client/server networks.
  • Y2K Coordinator for Minn-Dak Growers Ltd.
  • Communications
  • Familiar with email administration in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Program Operation Knowledge
  • Lotus SmartSuite (1-2-3, Wordpro, Freelance, Approach).
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook).
  • Systat: statistical analysis software utilized in research.

  • Japan
  • November 2006: Tokyo, Kobe. Participant in U. S. Grains Council feed barley promotion mission.
  • February 2003: Tokyo & Osaka. Buckwheat sales, research update.
  • January 2003: Tokyo. Business acquisition assessment mission.
  • February 1999: Tokyo. Buckwheat sales, research update.
  • March 1998: Tokyo. Buckwheat sales, research update.
  • June 1997: Tokyo. Implement integrated buckwheat research and sales program.
  • August 1995: Tokyo, Ina City. Presented scientific paper at VI International Research Symposium on Buckwheat (hosted by Shinshu University).
  • April 1995: Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagano. Business development (buckwheat breeding company).
  • May 1992: Tokyo. Participant in ND Governor Sinner's Pacific Rim Trade Mission.
  • Taiwan
  • November 2006: Taipei. Participant in U. S. Grains Council barley promotion tour.
  • December 2005: Taipei. Visit U. S. Grains Council office to promote barley utilization.
  • May 1992: Taipei. Participant in ND Governor Sinner's Pacific Rim Trade Mission.
  • Germany
  • October 1993 and 1997: Cologne. Exhibited Minn-Dak products and conducted market research at ANUGA, the world's largest food ingredient exposition.
  • Argentina, South America
  • February 1994: Evaluated potential for contra-season production of buckwheat and confection sunflowers in southern hemisphere.
  • Great Britain
  • July 2001: Strategic business development meeting, Kings.
  • February 2001: Orientation to Kings and Associated British Foods.
  • Hong Kong
  • December 2005: Delegate to World Trade Organization ministerial.
  • Mexico
  • December 2006: Delegate to U. S. Grains Council international marketing conference.

  • Communication
  • Writing: Very strong written communication skills in conceptual and technical writing. I enjoy writing.
  • Oral: Solid oral communication and presentation skills across diverse cultures and audiences.
  • Organizational
  • Well organized and prepared in project management, writing, and public speaking.
  • Motivation
  • Self motivated and visionary.
  • Teamwork
  • Ability to work alone or with a team.
  • Leadership
  • Effective at delegating tasks and managing personnel.
  • Ability to facilitate, lead, and direct discussions.
  • Management
  • Balanced mixture of technical, financial, computer, and interpersonal skills.
  • Constantly reading and striving to learn new skills.
  • Cost conscious in budget preparation and execution.
  • Relationships
  • Extensive contacts in public sector (universities, government)
  • Extensive contacts in private industry (domestically and internationally).
  • Technical
  • Solid foundation of technical skills (qualitative and quantitative) in agricultural science and business development.
  • Resourceful in literature searching and scientific information procurement.
  • Foreign Language
  • Japanese: working knowledge of spoken language, moderate fluency.

  • North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota
  • Master of Science (M. Sc.) 1985, Department of Agricultural Engineering.
  • Major: Agricultural Mechanization.
  • Minor: Agricultural Economics and Statistics.
  • Thesis Research Topic: Evaluation of laser land leveling in the Red River Valley of the North.
  • Program of study emphasized application of soil and water management to cropping systems and economic feasibilty of land drainage modification.
  • GPA=3.55 (A=4.00)
  • Bachelor of Science [with honors] (B. Sc.) 1983, Department of Agricultural Engineering.
  • Major: Agricultural Mechanization. Program had strong emphasis in Agricultural Economics and Finance, Soil Science, and Crop Production.
  • GPA=3.60 (A=4.00)

  • American Society of Agronomy (ASA).
  • Appointed to 3 year term on National ASA computer software applications committee (1992 - 1995).
  • Crop Science Society of America (CSSA).
  • Association for Advancement of Industrial Crops (AAIC).
  • Licensed in North Dakota for commercial application of restricted use pesticides.

  • A list of references is available upon request.

  • A list of publications is available upon request.


Goals for the Institute

Developing Countries:
To develop sustainable agricultural risk management programs for developing countries that result in economic stability and new sources of “risk capital” for their agriculture sectors.

Developed Countries:
To provide a training, succession planning, and “analytical research capability” environment for developed country governments and private companies engaged or expanding their work in agricultural risk management.

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