Dr. Kasten has over 25 years of direct experience in the reinsurance sector with a focus on agriculture insurance development, knowledge transfer and expanding reinsurance capacity. He has international experience that encompasses the globe and has pioneered strategies to assist the development of agro-insurance in fledgling markets. During his tenure with the Winterthur Insurance Group, Dr. Kasten initiated agro-insurance workshops that brought specialists from North America and Australia to engage with representatives with eastern European governments and private sector insurance firms. Dr. Kasten has been active in agro-insurance program design and technical assistance and continues to build international relationships in the agro-insurance community that are invaluable to the Institute concept.

Languages: German (mother tongue), English (fluent),

1968 – 1974 University of Göttingen, Germany
Broad based education in agriculture economics, plant and animal production techniques as well as environmental related issues
M.Sc. Agriculture, Dipl.Ing agr., Ph.D.
1965 – 1968 University of Kassel, Germany
Study of tropical and subtropical agriculture
Agriculture Engineer (grad)

Since 2003 Agriculture Reinsurance Consultants GmbH
Owner & Managing Director
A international operating consultancy company focusing on Agriculture Risk Management and Reinsurance, based in Switzerland

1998 – 2003 Partner Re Group, Switzerland
Head Agriculture Reinsurance – Global Operations
Executive Director, Senior Vice President

1992 – 1998 Winterthur Insurance Group, Switzerland
Head Agriculture Reinsurance Department
Director, Vice President

1979 – 1992 Munich Reinsurance Group - Munich, Germany
Head Agriculture Reinsurance Department,
Member of Senior Management

1974 – 1979 University of Göttingen – Göttingen, Germany
Assistant Professor
Teaching agriculture economics and plant production

SANCOR Seguros, Argentina
Ongoing consultancy regarding the international development of the agriculture insurance portfolio to the largest agriculture insurer in Latin America.

JSIC Alliance Policy, Kazakhstan
Providing international reinsurance capacity for the crop insurance portfolio of Alliance Policy, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Mutual & Federal Insurance Company, South Africa
Ongoing consultation regarding the development of a diversified crop insurance portfolio; support regarding international reinsurance placement.

Government of Senegal
Establishment of an Agriculture Crop & Livestock Insurance System for Senegal in cooperation with the Senegalese Ministry of Finance and Best Re, Tunis.

TARSIM – Turkish National Agriculture Insurance Pool
Ongoing consultancy regarding reinsurance placement and agriculture insurance product development

GÜVEN Sigorta, Turkey
Establishment and international placement of an Equestrian (horse) insurance program.

Ukrainian Agriculture Insurance Pool, Ukraine
Providing crop and livestock insurance products for the Ukrainian insurance industry including international reinsurance capacity

Ingosstrakh Insurance Company, Russia
Consultation regarding crop and livestock insurance including providing access to reinsurance capacity.

Ministry of Agriculture Malta
Ongoing consultation regarding the establishment of an Agriculture Insurance System for Malta

JK Group, India
Development of suitable crop insurance products for JK Group Company, JK Agrigenetics Ltd.

Development of risk management and insurance schemes for crop, livestock, aquaculture, forestry and agriculture property in following developing and emerging markets:

  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Venezuela
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Zambia

The above mentioned countries have been visited frequently and comprehensive local agriculture production knowledge as well as cultural exposure has been gained.

In addition Dr. Kasten has extensive agriculture insurance and reinsurance experience in all European countries, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Dr. Kasten has in the past also worked for FAO and UNCTAD in the capacity as adviser for the establishment of country agriculture risk management and insurance strategies during the period 1985 until 1992.


Goals for the Institute

Developing Countries:
To develop sustainable agricultural risk management programs for developing countries that result in economic stability and new sources of “risk capital” for their agriculture sectors.

Developed Countries:
To provide a training, succession planning, and “analytical research capability” environment for developed country governments and private companies engaged or expanding their work in agricultural risk management.

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