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Email (private) sosenkolena@ukr.net
Date of Birth 30 September 1972
Nationality Ukrainian
Country of Birth - Ukraine

  • Institution Institute of Plant Protection, Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, Kyiv
  • Dates Attended - 1994 – 1997
  • Degree - Diploma PhD Biology Sciences on the specialty phytopatology
  • Subject of PhD work - Complexes of phytonematodes in sugar beet agrocenoses and measures for regulation of their density
  • Institution Taras Shevchenko National University, Kyiv
  • Dates Attended - 1989 - 1994
  • Degree - Diploma with distinction MSc Biologist – Botanic, teacher of biology and chemistry

Professional trainings, latest conferences with educational output
  • 29th Congress of the International Association of Hail Insurers, Berlin, September 2007
  • Management of Climate Risk in Agriculture, 101st seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE), Berlin, July 2007
  • Excel advanced user, Pollak Learning Alliance, Sydney, March 2007
  • 26th Conference of the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE), Gold Coast, Australia, August 2006
  • Managing Climate Variability R&D program, Climate Connect – 2006 conference, Adelaide, Australia, 2006
  • Impact of Climate Change on Society and the Insurance Industry in Australia, seminar of Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance, Sydney, March 2006
  • Product and Knowledge fair. Swiss Re communication sessions, Sydney, 2005, 2006
  • Crystal report 10, Business Objects, Sydney, October 2005

Career History

09.2005 – present
Primacy (former LandMark) Underwriting Agency
Sydney, Australia
Technical Manager
  • New insurance program development, insurance product enhancement, insurance rate calculation
  • Research and Development, finding risk management solutions
  • Business and technical analysis of insurance portfolio performance
  • Financial and Underwriting reports, Budget forecasting
  • Reinsurance renewals
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops, trainings organizing/conducting/participating

08.2004 – 09.2005
Credo-Classik, the Joint Stock Insurance Company
Kyiv, Ukraine
Agricultural Insurance Department Chief
  • Participating in the governmental agrarian policy groups in a team with Ministry of agrarian policy, National Bank, Cabinet of Ministers, Verhovna Rada (the Parliament) in Ukraine
  • Managing of agricultural insurance portfolio
  • Marketing of agricultural insurance products

07.2002 – 8.2004
Oranta, the National Joint Stock Insurance Company
Kyiv, Ukraine
Agricultural Insurance Department Chief
  • Managing of agricultural insurance portfolio
  • Underwriting and loss adjustment of agricultural risks (crop and livestock)
  • Coordinating of interaction between insurance and reinsurance companies on agro risk insurance issues
  • Participating in court hearings on claim settlements
  • Working with mass media on particular agricultural insurance issues
  • Various tasks on general insurance company operation

09.2001 – 06.2002
“Ochadmarket”, the Joint Stock Company
Kyiv, Ukraine
Director of executive department
  • Managing of 11-staff team
  • Developing of business procedures
  • Working up budget, logistics
  • Training new recruits

04.2001 – 08.2001
“Rolikon”, the private company
Kyiv- Chernihiv Oblast, Ukraine
Deputy director on agricultural issues, subsidiary agribusiness manager
  • Managing crop (wheat, barley, corn, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds) and livestock production
  • Production optimisation

05.2000 – 03.2001
“GCM. Industries. Incorporations” , the trading company
Kyiv, Ukraine
Agricultural Department Manager
  • Managing the agricultural production
  • Trading grains and products

01.1999 – 03.2000
“Agro – Inter”, the scientific and manufacturing enterprise
Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Trading seeds and agricultural machineries

12.1994 – 12.1998
Institute of Plant Protection, Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences
Kyiv, Ukraine
Scientific researcher, Ph.D. work
  • Organasing and managing of research projects
  • Conducting research on mass spread of sugar beet root rot across Ukraine

Supplementary collaboration
  • Australian Government Department of Primary Industry
  • Finding of risk management solutions and climate adaptations for Australian farmers. Insurance ideas through using crop simulators
  • Private website www.agroinsurance.com
  • Information supply, consultations since the foundation
  • “Balance-Agro”, the Ukrainian magazine for agro managers and accountants
  • Writing articles
  • “Organasing of insurance products’ trading”, the Russian magazine for banks and insurance companies
  • Writing articles
  • The World Bank
  • Implementation of Weather risk insurance in Ukraine
  • Center for Ukrainian reform education (CURE) – international charitable organization (grants from USAID)
  • Writing articles
  • The European Commission (Project on Agro risk management)
  • Consultation, working up the inception report
  • The International Finance Corporation (Project on Agro development)
  • Mutual conducting of workshops for farmers

Professional achievements
  • Development and implementation of an innovative insurance program in Australia (Water Stress insurance). The first precedent of “Drought insurance” in Australia.
  • Development of agro insurance system in Ukraine at all levels: from an insurance company to the government. Significant personal contribution into the current size and features of Ukrainian agro insurance market through numerous State and private working/discussion groups, product development (including unprecedented weather index insurance), presentations, trainings, consulting of Ukrainian officials and foreign reinsurers.
  • Robust personal network of executives and specialists from the insurance/reinsurance/broking companies, underwriting agencies, research institutions, international organizations around the World, Ukrainian and Australian governments. The network provides effective channels for the information exchange.
  • The book “Business without losses”. Pieces of advise for Ukrainian farmers on agro production/insurance issues. The book has been popular among producers, small agricultural entrepreneurs and students. After the first addition the book was reissued on demand of readers.
  • Overcoming of impediments of legislation restrictions in adopting the rules of weather index insurance in Ukraine. The World Bank considers such restrictions as the main barrier for implementation of weather risk insurance (weather derivatives) in most of developing countries.
  • Building of effective management way in agricultural production enterprise. Production optimisation and enhancement.
  • Optimisation of plant (sugar beet) protection against parasitic nematodes. Diagnosing and solving the problems with mass spread root rots of sugar beet in Ukraine.
  • Managing of different size teams (from 1 person to 200 people)

Main publications
  • Best P., Stone R., Sosenko O. Climate risk management based on climate modes and indices – the potential in Australian agribusinesses. Submitted to 101st seminar of EAAE, Berlin, July 2007
  • O. Sosenko. Reinsurance of agricultural risks: the difficulties of Ukrainian market. Organasing of insurance products’ trading, the Russian magazine, issue #2, 2007, in Russian language.
  • Olena Sosenko. Business without losses. Pieces of advice to farmers. – Kyiv, CURE, 2004, 80 p, in Ukrainian language.
  • O. Sosenko. Insurance of agrarian risks in the National Joint Stock Insurance Company “Oranta”. – Welcome, Ukrainian investment magazine, 2002, issue 11-12, pp. 36-44, in Ukrainian language.
  • Comparative Analysis of Fauna of Nematodes in the Sugar Beet and Weeds in a Sugar Beet Field. Sossenko O.B. – Vestnik zoologii, № 32, 1998, p. 101 – 103.

Russian – native
Ukrainian – native
English – excellent
French – advanced
German – have started to learn

Computer skills
Windows 2000, XP, Word, Excel, Power Point, Crystal Report, 1C, Internet explorer, Outlook Express (Lotus Notes), numerous types of database and special software.

General skills and abilities
  • Strong analytical skills, ability to translate the complicated into simple
  • Excellent time manager, good organizer
  • High learning abilities, constant self education, goal-oriented
  • Team player, proved ability to work in an international environment
  • As a manger – clear, precise in giving tasks to the staff, fair, strategical
  • Good in building and maintaining the relationships with clients, partners

References are available upon request


Goals for the Institute

Developing Countries:
To develop sustainable agricultural risk management programs for developing countries that result in economic stability and new sources of “risk capital” for their agriculture sectors.

Developed Countries:
To provide a training, succession planning, and “analytical research capability” environment for developed country governments and private companies engaged or expanding their work in agricultural risk management.

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