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Dr. Roy Black is a professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Michigan State University. He has 24 years experience working on crop insurance issues in the United States and currently serves as an expert reviewer for the Board of Directors of the U.S. Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. He has written extensively on area-yield insurance and was part of a team that developed the Group Risk Plan area-yield index insurance product in the United States. His writing has focused on product design, rating, and risk transfer characteristics. He has worked extensively with U.S. farmers and insurance providers on practical procedures to assess the circumstances under which GRP and related revenue products are viable risk transfer instruments, and conditions under which they are superior to individual farm yield trigger products. Dr. Black also was part of the development team, with particular focus on the risk assessment and rating components, for a wrap-around product that has been implemented in over 20 states in the U.S. by the U.S. Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. These experiences have also provided a perspective on data integrity, management, and maintenance issues. He is active in climate change projects in the U.S., with a focus on horticultural crop yields; these are partially funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station.

60% research, 20% outreach education, 20% teaching

B.S. Montana State University, 1963
Ph.D. University of Minnesota, 1975

Professor: 1980 – present
Associate Professor: 1976-1979
Assistant Professor: 1970-1976
Partner in livestock ranch in Northern Great Plains, 1980-2004

  • Multidisciplinary team research on agricultural production systems including marketing considerations and management of externalities
  • Managing risk and growth in agricultural farms including finance and insurance considerations
  • Facilitation of insurance by the federal government, for farms, against yield and revenue shortfalls; contract design and implementation and public policy issues
  • Climate change and valuation of flexibility
  • Contract design issues, particularly with respect to market coordination

ABM 435: Finance
AEC 855: Production Economics (with Scott Swinton)
AEC 932: Information Economics and Institutions in Agriculture and Natural Resources (with John Staatz)

American Agricultural Economics Association
Canadian Agricultural Economics Association
Australian Agricultural Economics Association
American Statistical Association
Society for Risk Analysis
Sigma Xi

1972 U.S. Department of Agriculture: Superior Service Award (with S. Harsh, E. Miller, D. Hillman)
1972 Michigan State University: John Hannah Award for Excellence (with S. Harsh)
1980 American Agricultural Economics Assoc.: Outstanding Extension Program (Individual)
1996 American Society of Agricultural Engineers Outstanding Quality of Communication (with A. Rotz, et. al)
2000 American Agricultural Economics Assoc.: Outstanding Extension Program (Team)
1970-date: Outstanding Outreach Educational Programming (state) team award (seven times)

Publications have appeared in Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Animal Science, Dairy Science, and Veterinary Medicine journals as well as research reports and outreach bulletins.

Xu, Z., R.Black, T. S. Jayne, and J. Govereh. 2006. “Maize Response to Fertilizer and the Profitability of Fertilizer Use on Maize by Small-Scale Farming Households in Zambia” Selected paper, International Agricultural Economics Association, Australia.

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Zavallon, C. Andresen, J. Black, R., T. Beedy, and J. Winkler, 2005. “Modeling Impacts of Weather on Tart Cherry Losses Due to Frost.” 7th Int. Symp Modelling Fruit Research and Orchard Management. Copenhagen, Dennnark.

Black, R., J.A. Andresen, J.A. Winkler, C. Zavalloni, and J.M. Bisanz. 2005. The Pileus Project: Development Of Techniques And Tools To Help Assess The Impact Of Climate Variability And Change On An Intensively-Managed Agricultural Crop National CCSP Workshop On Climate Change.

Cao, X. R. Black. 2005. AGR coverage rate relativities. Report to Risk Management Agency, USDA. 45pp.

Xu, Z., R. Black. 2005. What Inferences About Farm Level PDF’s Can Be Drawn From NASS County Yield Time Series? Hawaii International Conference on Business and Economics.

Boring, T. L. Donnet, R. Black and S. Snapp. 2005. Economic and Organizational Issues Of Potato-Based Integrated Crop Systems: Comparison Of Selected Rotations In Michigan. Re-Integrating Crop and Livestock Enterprises in Three Northern States. 23 pp.

Chaffin, B., R. Black, X. Cao. 2005. Practical Procedures For Evaluating Crop Insurance Policies That Trigger On County Yield. 2005 National Risk Management Education Conference. Kansas City, MO.

Cao, X, R. Black. 2005. Updating AGR Premium Rates Based Upon Experience Using Buhlmann Credibility Model. Report to Risk Management Agency, USDA. 40pp.

Winkler, J., J. Andresen, R. Black, D. Holecek, and S. Nichols. 2004. Project Pileus: Modeling Impact of Climate Change on Michigan Agriculture and Tourism. Second International Conference on Climate Change Impact Assessment. Grainau, Germany.

Wang, H., S.D. Hanson, and R. Black. 2003. Efficiency Costs of Subsidy Rules for Federal Crop Insurance. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Swinton, S.M. and .R. Black. 2001 "Modeling of Agricultural Systems" in J.-Ph. Colin, E. Crawford, and Cl. Fillonneau (eds.) Research on Agricultural Systems: Perspectives and Major Topics.

Black, R. 2000. Considerations in the Design and Rating of Adjusted Gross Income Crop Insurance. Board of Directors, Federal Crop Insurance Corporation / USDA.

Black, R., B. Barnett, and Y. Hu. Cooperatives and Capital Markets: The Case of the Minnesota-Dakota Sugar Beet Cooperatives. 1999. American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Wang, H., Hanson, S., Myers, R. and R. Black, Comparative Efficacy of Area vs Individual Farm Yield Trigger Crop Insurance Plans. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. November 1998.


Goals for the Institute

Developing Countries:
To develop sustainable agricultural risk management programs for developing countries that result in economic stability and new sources of “risk capital” for their agriculture sectors.

Developed Countries:
To provide a training, succession planning, and “analytical research capability” environment for developed country governments and private companies engaged or expanding their work in agricultural risk management.

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